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This bio may read a little different than the usual biographical format. (I put that in my credentials.)  You see, my whole life turned upside down on a journey that at first seemed a sort of nightmare.  Do you remember the bible verse about 'looking through a glass darkly, but then face to face'? Well, I guess that is why I share this story with you.  It's mine---my face, my story.   You have one, too. And, yours is just as amazing and beautiful.  As you read mine, may you remember yours. Then write it down and read it back to yourself. For as you do you just may hear the sweet whispers and find little miracles just showering down all around you.  And know this:

                          Wise Woman, you are very loved no matter what!

A few years ago I found myself at a crossroads in my life, not one that initially would be considered a blessing until later. My life as I knew it came to a complete halt; a career that I always thought I would have, ended abruptly one morning at Christmastime on black ice. Subsequently, a ridiculous and freakish fall had caused me to lose the use of my right arm and hand with nerve damage in my neck, arm and complications with my shoulder and rib cage that hung out with me for about five years.  Oh, boy!

I became homebound and very dependent on others, my family especially. A role reversal had immediately been thrust upon me. As a wife, mom and teacher, I had to learn to let go and receive from others. I had to learn to depend on others for all those little things I took for granted, like brushing my teeth and buttoning a blouse. 

Every dark wintry day was a challenge for me. My bruised ego left me feeling pretty bewildered and very sorry for myself. I had to constantly make myself look for and count my many blessings. I gradually became somewhat stronger though, thank goodness, a bit more determined and had gained a little of my independence and confidence back (as long as I wasn’t near ice) and was learning to “make do” with my left hand and arm. It wasn't easy.  It made me angry, and I cried quite often.

But one unusually cold and icy Kentucky winter evening, something happened that I hadn't shared with many except my family. My husband, in a new job that involved quite a bit of traveling, was out of town. Our daughter, Shannon, was away at college. It was just our youngest, Erinn, and myself at home for the week. As my luck would have it, she had to be at a dance recital practice about twenty minutes away. There was no one available to take her but me; it was most important that she be there as she had a special dance number.  And, I was determined that I would get her there no matter what!

The weather was terrible, very, very cold and icy, a truly scary thing for me, since I had to drive with my arm and hand still in a cast, not being able to turn my head due to the damaged nerves in my neck. "What was I thinking, out in the night like this, with my most precious child?" I chastised myself!  I had no sound reason or clue for the predicament I had put daughter and myself in.

As I dropped her off for this rehearsal, I made things even worse with the great decision to go to a nearby grocery so as to make good use of my time, instead of driving all the way back home and then back again.  I was very exhausted and hurting; that cold, icy wind only amplified the pain in my arm, now numbing-- I had no feeling in my hand, no circulation. I had to make literally make myself exit the store!

Walking out to my car with a full cart, I noticed there was no one around; no one to help…”What have I done?” I thought to myself. “Probably one of the dumbest things ever in my lifetime!” I could hear my ego snidely commenting. Not only had I managed to purchase way too many groceries without assistance, but there was major ice on the pavement; and that cutting wind was chilling to the bone! 

After a major struggle to get the groceries into the trunk of my car, I looked around for the return bin…no such luck---naturally! The nearest one was a couple lanes over and quite a few spaces down. "How did I let this happen?" So close to tears, in pain and feeling more than foolish… “Well,” I thought to myself, “this time I’ll just set the cart in the space next to mine. Enough is enough!”

As I turned to go back around to the driver’s side of my car--- my cart started rolling! I just stood there, shaking my head with eyes and mouth wide open, wondering what else could possibly happen that evening! The cart continued to roll straight ahead to the adjacent parking space, then right out into the driving lane! I couldn’t believe it…I was going to have to chase that stupid cart down! What a nightmare! What else, in God's name, could possibly happen now?!

Before I could move, something happened that seems to unbelievable to mention---the cart took a left and begin coasting down the driving lane. As I stood in total disbelief and utter amazement, I watched that cart go down the lane seven parking spaces, make a right and park itself right in the return bin!


except for my breathing,

as if every cell in my body

took a breath

in unison. 

I could feel my heart

pounding through my heavy coat.

Such stillness …

I looked up at the sky,

so clear and sparkling

with a million stars,

the icy tears streaming down my face,

I couldn't speak or even think,

as if I was floating,

a surrealistic moment out of nowhere.

Suddenly, as time stood still,

I felt the Grace of God

gently breathe through me,

gifting within me,

as I finally exhaled,

the sweetest and purest ‘knowing’

that I was truly not alone...

never, ever.

I felt so safe, so very loved;

and right then, as I took a breath

in that moment out of time,

my precious new journey with the

The Gift created itself.

Do you know what your gift is? Are you ready to begin your journey to find out?  We will travel together in a magnificent coaching relationship. Come...retreat with me!  Take a breath...a moment out of time for the time of your life!  You can do this.


Owner/CEO  The Gift & Wise WomanSoul Grace in Action


Daddy, I Remember 

Hope and Healing for Families of Alzheimer's

The Gift LC Publishing 2004

Harmony House Publishers 2005

The Elder Godiva's Ride:  One Wise Woman's Story

Freeing Godiva  A Woman's Journey of Self-Empowerment

edited by Insight Publishing 2011

Grace in Action

The Power of Change  Reinventing Yourself at Any Age

edited by Linda Eastman PWN 2011

The Labyrinth Within

The Power of a Woman   Embracing the Woman Within

edited by Linda Eastman PWN 2011

Through a Glass Darkly

CSI   Courageous Stories of Inspiration

edited by Insight Publishing 2012

Your Story..Your Music..The Journey of Your Life

Releasing Strongholds  Letting Go of What's Holding You Back

edited by Linda Eastmans PWN 2012



 PWN International Speakers Bureau

The Professional Woman Network

 Certified Woman's Empowerment Coach

Kentucky Coaches Alliance (now OVPCA)

 President/Chapter Leader 2008- 2010

 VP/President-Elect 2006-2008

 Secretary 2005-2006

International Coach Federation Lexington, Kentucky

 ACC  2006 -present

Coach for Life, San Diego, California

  (affiliated coach training school International Coach Federation)

 Basic Life Coach Training 2003

  Certified Life Coach Training 2005

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SOMAenergetics Sound Therapy

 Certification Ancient Solfeggio Tuning Forks

International Center for Reiki Training

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   Karuna (R) Reiki Master Teacher Julie E Brent)

 First and Second Degree Reiki Training   2003

 Advanced Reiki Training 2003

 Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher 2006

 Registered Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher 2009

 Earth-Heart Reiki Training 2011

Oneness University with Sri Amma Bhagavan

(Chuck Reynolds. North America Trainer Oneness University)

 Oneness Blessing Giver Certification

Foundation for Inspired Learning 

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 Chartered member inspired educator certification


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  MEd 1973

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